Welcome to the Stat-Ease product notes page. 

Perpetual Single-User License

A perpetual license entitles you to install this product on one computer for use by one person at a time. Each copy includes a Getting Started booklet and compact disc (CD) containing the software. The manual is included on the CD in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be installed on your computer for ready access.

Annual Network License

Annual licenses are offered at a reduced per-user cost (as compared to perpetual licenses) and give the user the right to use the software for one year (renewable each year). As long as the license is current, all updates, upgrades, and technical support are free. This software may be used by any number of individuals so long as there's no possibility of it being used concurrently by more than the number of people licensed to its serial number.

Metering is built into the software. Networked software cannot be copied to any individual computer capable of operation on a stand-alone basis. An annual network license is purchased for a specified number of seats (concurrent users). It is shipped with one Getting Started booklet and a compact disc (CD) containing the network installation. The manual is included on the CD in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be installed on your network for use by all.

Upgrades from earlier versions

Discounts are available if own you earlier versions of the software. Please view our software on our products page.

Other options (Call 612.378.9449)

  • Perpetual licenses of more than 2 copies or annual licenses of more than 3 seats
  • Conversion between annual license(s) and perpetual license(s)
  • Academic discounts and teaching licenses
  • Discounts on multiple combinations of Design-Ease and Design-Expert
  • Special purchase agreements between Stat-Ease and your organization

Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)

Single-user copies of software can now be downloaded via the internet rather than shipped on a CD. With this option you get the software right away and avoid shipping charges. Paper documentation is not provided, but a link to an electronic copy of the manual is included with the installation.

Additional information on Workshop Registration

Multiple student discounts apply only to students registering for the same class. A class is the particular session you are attending which is uniquely identified by the course, date, and place. For payment other than by credit card, discount coupons, more than five students for a class, or other special needs, you will need to contact us by one of following methods below:

Call the Workshop Coordinator at 612.746.2038
Stat-Ease, Inc.
Attn: Workshop Coordinator
2021 E. Hennepin Avenue, Suite 480
Minneapolis, MN  55413-2726

For registration by mail or fax, please complete and return the Registration Form including credit card information, a purchase order number, or check (mail only).