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Welcome to our training home. Click on any of the titles in the flowchart below for details on the workshop of your choice. If you prefer to see a calendar of upcoming classes, click here. One way or the other, we hope you enroll in a workshop or bring us in to teach one of our classes at your site. It will be well worth doing as you learn how to improve your products and processes with design of experiments (DOE).

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Click here for a link to the workshops page. Click here to view the workshop brochure. For workshops in languages other than English, please contact the international reseller in your area.

 Workshops offered in Design of Experiments (DOE):


 Stat-Ease® Public Courses:

 Experiment Design Made Easy (EDME), $1295

 Modern DOE for Process Optimization (MDOE), $1695

 Mixture Design for Optimal Formulations (MIXC), $1295

 Designed Experiments for Medical Devices, (DEMD), $1295

  Also Available:

 Private On-Site Training

 DOE Simplified: Half-Day Workshop

 Designed Experiments for Pharma

 Designed Experiments for Assay Optimization

 Designed Experiments for Food Sciences

 Robust Design and Tolerance Analysis

 The Stat-Ease Academy (eLearning) Online Courses


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  John Guerin

  Doug Hubbell

  Tom Scripps

  Jim Simpson

  Richard Williams



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