Statistics Made Easy®

Statistics, especially design of experiments (DOE), is a powerful tool for making breakthrough improvements to a product or process, or for product development. Maybe you are having trouble reaching Six Sigma goals, need to decrease costs, or have to solve a process problem. Stat-Ease can help. For those of you without the statistical skills or time for training, we offer professional consulting services in DOE, and related statistical topics. Most problems can be solved for less than 10 hours of consulting time.

We will help you get your project off the ground and follow it through to completion, with planning and analysis. We'll show you how to go beyond your Six Sigma goals by reducing variability and finding your optimal combinations. We'll also show you how to use these proven statistical tools to save money.

"Stat-Ease® consultants have always been extremely prompt, helpful and cooperative. The advice given has demonstrated their ability to quickly understand a wide variety of scientific problems." —Bob Krahnke, Associate Research Scientist, DOE Coordinator/Consultant (Ret.), Dow Corning Corporation
“You guys are brilliant to me (maybe routine for you).”  —Martin Jansens, Canigou Consult

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Stat-Ease Consultants

Mark Anderson


Shari Kraber


Richard Williams

MSM, BSChE, Six Sigma MBB