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The Stat-Teaser Newsletter

"I am deeply impressed by the work you do to support the marketing of your products. To my knowledge there is no other company that publishes so many useful experience/success stories (e. g. the Stat-Teaser!) ... for the users of DOE software. Please continue in the same way!"
—Peter Bons, R&D Manager

Stat-Ease® newsletters & tutorials

The Stat-Teaser newsletter is available for download below. To sign up, click here. Do you speak Japanese? To view a Japanese translation of the latest Stat-Teasers, please find the translated versions below.

We also offer a bi-monthly electronic newsletter, the DOE FAQ Alert, with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about design of experiments (DOE), plus alerts to timely articles, free software updates, etc. To subscribe, please click here. To view the latest edition click here.

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  1. December 2009

    Design-Expert, Version 8 Released!
    FAQ on Graphical Selection of Factorial Effects—PST*
    Design-Expert 8 Order Form
    Workshop Schedule

  2. September 2009

    Mark's Alka-Seltzer Experiment—ME*
    Over-Selection of Effects on the Half-Normal Plot
    A Dynamic New Approach to DOE Workshops
    Workshop Schedule

  3. June 2009

    Paper Clip Experiment Illustrates Statistical Design Principles—ME*
    Power Calculator for Binomial Responses
    Introducing Boston Software Group
    Workshop Schedule

  4. March 2009

    Science Fair Project Provides Education on Detecting Outliers—ME*
    Workshop Schedule
    A Free Primer on Mixture Design
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