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"I am deeply impressed by the work you do to support the marketing of your products. To my knowledge there is no other company that publishes so many useful experience/success stories (e. g. the Stat-Teaser!) ... for the users of DOE software. Please continue in the same way!"
—Peter Bons, R&D Manager

September 2015

8 Tips for DOE Success—Shari Kraber
How to Resolve Partial Aliasing—Wayne Adams
CAMO Software and Stat-Ease, Inc. Release Strategic Software Platform
SAVE THE DATE for the 6th European DOE User Meeting & Workshop May 2016 in Leuven, Belgium!
Announcing the Stat-Ease Academy for e-Learning
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March 2015

New Split-Plot Tools a Soaring Success for Helicopter Development—Mark Anderson
Understanding Aliasing of Fractional-Factorial Designs—Wayne Adams
Stat-Ease Announces a Strategic Partner Agreement with CAMO Software
The 1st Asian DOE User Meeting & Workshop this May in Goa, India
Stat-Ease Welcomes Martin Bezener as Full-Time Statistician
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September 2014

Split-Plot Design for Cupcake Baking—Sebastian Hoffmeister, STATCON
Not Listening In on What’s Being Said Behind Your Back—DOE Fine-Tunes Hearing Aids—Mark Anderson
The 5th DOE User Meeting in Cambridge, UK—a Recap
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April 2014

Introducing Design-Expert Software, v9, with Split-Plots!
Regressing the Rupee -- Part II -- Two of DX9's New Tools—Brooks Henderson
Train Your Team on DOE with a Private On-Site Workshop
Order New Design-Expert 9 Software Today & Save!
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September 2013

Statistics Point the Way to Save Time Commuting—Mark Anderson
Regressing the Rupee's Plunge (The Dangers of Happenstance Regression)—Brooks Henderson
In the Spotlight: Stat-Ease IT Team
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